Fall Fireplace Sale Is On!

Starting from today to September 30th, 11:59pm. MyFireDirect is offering an exclusive 10% Off all Fireplace purchases. There are a variety of fireplace options depending on your needs. This opportunity is for homeowners and home builders who would like to take advantage of replenished stock availability for leading fireplace brands in the United States. It goes without saying that as we edge closer to Winter, the availability of popularly chosen fireplaces becomes more scarce, shipping costs increase and in some instances, requires a brand-issued (straight from the manufacturer) price increase.

Choose an Authorized Dealer

MyFireDirect is an authorized dealer of Dimplex and Napoleon, of which, we are able to offer an in-depth selection of top quality fireplaces at better prices than leading competitors.  We are an established online retail website that has been serving the greater USA for years.

Enjoy Free Shipping 

Fireplace orders over $1000 will most likely ship for free. In situations where this criteria is not met, the order still may ship for free, but it is best if you check with us via e-mail, live chat, or phone call.

Full Manufacturer's Warranty

You are protected against defects in terms of functionality or damage. If there is any issue, you let us know and we are on it, period. However, it is also important to note that the package should be inspected before signing it. Fireplace orders usually avg from 140lbs to 300lbs. In some cases larger fireplaces (or stoves) can weight up to 600lbs! So, always inspect the package making notes of possible damage on arrival. 

Please note: We have successfully fulfilled over +500 Fireplace orders and out of those 500, only 2 have ever arrived damaged on arrival (DOA). We pay more to select shipping companies we trust as we know a cheaper price doesn't equate to a better service. This reduces the amount of issues after order and results in a much better customer experience.

Add Coupon for Best Price

In order to get the best possible deal, you can add the advertised coupon at checkout. For some of our higher-priced items, you may see an even better deal than our store-wide offer. Our deals are carefully considered to help give customers the best possible price.

Ongoing Support Post Sale

Our support doesn't end after you receive and install your fireplace. As our customer, we are here to support, guide and assist with any issues or questions that may arise with your order. 


Adding a fireplace to your home, or a home that you are building can really add value (intrinsically and extrinsically). In fact, 8/10 realtors conclude that indoor and/outdoor fireplaces increases the value of a home by $1,000 to $5,000..

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an e-mail at info@myfiredirect.com.



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