We are proud to officially launch our affiliate program in partnership with passionate bloggers, influencers and review websites. Approved affiliates can expect to earn 4% commission on each qualifying purchase. paid after a 30-day period.

Our aim is to work closely with our affiliates to 1. enhance customer experience through insightful and informative content and 2. incentive purchases with coupon for our affiliates to drive conversions.


Think you're a good fit? See our criteria for approval below:

*One of the following must apply in order to be approved.

-Have a review website, or blog.

-Social media audience/following

-Past Customer

Did you pass the test?




Warning: No Misleading offers! No exceptions

Approved affiliates are able to offer their audience an 11% discount. MyFireDirect only offers 10% off, so as an incentive the customer will likely use your coupon code. We understand competition can be fierce among affiliates , but we will not tolerate any misleading offers of any kind. No Exceptions! Please see an example below:

Each affiliate knows how much their custom coupon code is worth. Yet, as you can see below, they still decided to falsely advertise the code being worth 15%.



-This results in a poor experience for us and the customer and will not be tolerated. Any attempt to mislead others by falsely advertising the value of the coupon, offer or prices on our website will result in a crucial warning.  This warning requires you to fix all issues within 24-hours/or face permanent ban. Upon a second offense, an immediate ban and void of all commissions will take place. Don't worry, just be transparent/accurate with how you promote us and you will be fine.

We do not and will not entertain deceitful practices in any circumstance. We love our affiliates and we want them to succeed, but our program is designed to not only drive sales, but also enhance the customer's experience. Having to explain to customers why they won't get their 15% off  (example above) is unnecessary work for our staff and that's not why we started this program.

Thanks for you're understanding!

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