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Bromic Patio Heater - Platinum Smart-Electric 3400w WHITE Radiant Heat, Model BH0320008
Bromic Patio Heater - Platinum Smart-Electric 3400w WHITE Radiant Heat, Model BH0320008
Bromic Patio Heater - Platinum Smart-Electric 3400w WHITE Radiant Heat, Model BH0320008
Bromic Patio Heater - Platinum Smart-Electric 3400w WHITE Radiant Heat, Model BH0320008
Bromic Patio Heater - Platinum Smart-Electric 3400w WHITE Radiant Heat, Model BH0320008
Bromic Patio Heater - Platinum Smart-Electric 3400w WHITE Radiant Heat, Model BH0320008

Bromic Patio Heater - Platinum Smart-Electric 3400w WHITE Radiant Heat, Model BH0320008

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    The pinnacle of infrared electric heating, this Bromic Heating BH0320008 Platinum Smart-Heat outdoor heater produces a comfortable radiant heat that allows you to extend the use of your outdoor seating area while maintaining an elegant style! Reminiscent of a sleek LCD screen, this patio heater's ultra thin, low-profile build is specially designed to provide efficient directional heating and seamless integration into decks, patios, and other outdoor areas. Its wind and weather resistant construction combine with a subtle, brushed stainless steel finish to make this unit as versatile and reliable as it is aesthetically pleasing.

    For operation as impressive as its form and style, the heater features single switch activation. It's also built with smart control compatibility, allowing you to adjust the heat when needed, but not have to tend to its operation any more than necessary. Just set it, forget it, and enjoy the outdoors! Covering up to 108 sq. ft., the heat produced will keep an incredibly large area of guests, employees, or clientele warm and comfortable.

    Plus, the heater's minimal clearance requirements, a variety of mounting options, and the precise directional coverage that's achieved through the bracket's adjustability give you the incredible installation

    Platinum Smart-heat Electric Black/White combines elegant minimalist design with effective industry leading technology.

    Designed with low-clearance and semi enclosed spaces in mind, the award winning, Platinum Smart-Heat Electric series, minimizes light emissions and effectively spreads a soft and even heat of 108 ft2 making it a versatile heating solution for any outdoor setting.

    3400W to provide a coverage of 108 ft2
    Wafer thin design
    Award winning
    Tinted Glass-ceramic Screen spreads heat evenly and minimizes light emission
    Precise directional heating and wireless control compatibility

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    Designed with low-clearance, semi-enclosed spaces in mind, the award winning Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric series offers minimized light emissions and dedicated recess kits that allow these stand-out outdoor heaters to blend seamlessly into any environment.

    Available in both black and white, the elegantly understated Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric series combines superb style with sensational heating without compromise, delivering 25% more heat with a much smaller footprint than the best of our competitors.

    Featuring corrosion-proof 304 stainless steel chassis’ and Schott tinted ceramic-glass screens, these compact yet powerful outdoor heaters can be subtly placed practically anywhere with our dedicated wall, ceiling and flush-mounting options.

    Blending beautifully with any environment, they also virtually fade from mind, with set-and-forget simplicity and complete heating control delivered by single switch activation and smart control compatibility.

    Dimensions & Weights

    Depth/Extension:   7.00"
    Height:   2.00"
    Width/Diameter (in):   50.20"
    Weight:   22.00 lbs.
    Voltage Rating:   240V
    Heating Specifications
    Heating Diameter:   108 Sq ft
    Heating Element:   Electric
    Product Specifications
    Material:   Stainless Steel


    The Bromic Difference


    Tinted Glass-Ceramic Screen - Minimize light emission and spread comfort evenly across any area with the Platinum’s signature screen.

    Slim-line Design - Subtly place these compact heaters virtually anywhere with Bromic’s wall, ceiling and flush- mounting options.

    Subtle Aesthetics - Create comfort without visual disturbance with elegantly understated outdoor heaters that blend into the environment.

    Precise Directional Heating - A simple bracket adjustment will accurately alter heat coverage as required.

    Ultra-Durable Design - Enjoy reliable heating for years to come thanks to durable stainless steel construction.

    Tight Space Specialist - Minimal vertical clearance requirements and an array of mounting options provide versatile heating solutions for any semi-enclosed or outdoor areas.

    Ease of Use - Enjoy set-and-forget simplicity with single switch activation and smart control compatibility.

    Wireless Control Capabilities - Seamless integration of remote heating output adjustment is allowed via optional genuine wireless control accessories.


    Platinum Smart-Heat Electric - Specifications May 2017 | Click on image to view/download PDF


    Bromic Heater Recess Kits - When subtlety and style are paramount, Bromic’s Electric Heater Recess Kits enable seamless integration of heating solutions in any area. Bromic Platinum and Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric units both offer unique recess kits which permit flush-mounting in roof cavities as small as 250mm/10”, allowing them to service spaces with ceilings between 2.4m/7’10” and 3.5m/11’6” above floor level.

    Bromic Heater Tube Suspension Kits - Suspending heating units at an effective height in higher ceiling applications, if wall-mounting isn’t appropriate, is simple with Bromic’s Electric Heater Tube Suspension Kits. Comprising two 1m/3’3” poles that can be cut to length for even heater suspension, these kits allow directional adjustability while delivering heat directly from above.

    Bromic Heating Wireless Controller - With the ability to switch power supply to two separate circuits, Bromic’s Wireless Controller enables independent ‘On/Off’ control of up to two electric or four gas heaters. Providing control from up to 30m/100’ away, the unit’s included radio transmitter is entirely portable, but can also be easily mounted with double-sided adhesive or the screw provisions within the case.

    Bromic Heating Wireless Dimmer Controller - Augmenting the functionality of our base-model Wireless Controller, the Bromic Heating Wireless Dimmer Controller offers the ability to dim electric heating output over a percentage gradient. Allowing quick reductions of heating output to 25%, 50% or 75%, the unit’s radio transmitter also offers the ability to adjust output up or down in 1% increments.

    Bromic Heating Wireless Master Remote - For those wishing to implement wireless control solutions on a grand scale, the Bromic Heating Wireless Master Remote delivers consummate comfort control and user-programmable customization. Able to adjust an unlimited number of controllers in 6 groups from a single point within its 30m/100’ range, this is invaluable for larger venues.



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