During your shopping experience, you may have come across the terms "Authorized Dealer" or "Authorized Retailer". The two names are interchangeable and carry the same meaning. Advertising this assures customers that we are working directly with brands to source, discount and assure the manufacturer's warranty is in place.

MyFireDirect.com has gone through a vetting process with all brands listed and is fully authorized to retail, advertise, promote and assist customers with the products displayed on the website.

What is the benefit of purchasing from an authorized dealer?

The two most important benefits of purchasing from an authorized dealer/retailer are that your purchases are fully covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Also, this lets you know that you're purchasing a brand-new and unused product whereas products otherwise would not be offered under warranty unless they are brand-new.

You can ask questions and know you're getting accurate answers. Shipping is always free and if another competitor is beating our price, we will not just match it, we will beat it.

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What are the risks of purchasing from 3rd party websites with unauthorized dealers?

Sometimes the price advertised may be too tempting to pass by especially since we shop online for the best deals, right? The main issue with purchasing from a retailer that is not authorized is if issues arise, you won't be able to receive free spare parts, exchanges (if damage is extensive) and immediate assistance from managers.

  • Your purchase will not be under warranty. If your item breaks, you will have to pay full price for spare parts. This can be very expensive, especially after you just spent so much money. Even worse, if it arrives damaged (as a result of poor shipping & handling, you will never get to use the item once with no option of replacement.
  • You will not know if the product is new or used, or used multiple times. It may be advertised as new but could be refurbished or even recently used.
  • 3rd party sellers aren't held to a standard to provide a certain level of customer service and experience. 
  • It will be a big headache to get your money back. Issues of returns will be tricky as non-authorized retailers will not want to take the product they just shipped you back. The manufacturer will also not give any time of day to customers who purchase from unauthorized dealers.

We take pride in being authorized dealers of some of the USA's best brand names. This is why we love to let our customers know that they are in good hands when shopping with us.