5 Best Napoleon Fireplaces for 2022-2023

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Napoleon was established in Canada in 1976. Wolfgang Schroeter started wolf steel which came before Napoleon's grills and fireplaces. Napoleon has always been a giant industry In the United States, Canada, and Europe. Napoleon products have a reasonable warranty attracting customers to purchase their products confidently. Their customer service is rated highly in the market. In recent years, the company has extended its offers on developments and has built more stylish digital fireplaces.

About Napoleon fireplaces

Napoleon fireplaces are ideal for upgrading your room's ambiance. Napoleon offers customers a selection of gas, wood, and electric fireplaces. In addition, Napoleon also has fireplace service parts, fireplace remotes, fireplace components, and various fireplace accessories. Napoleon's fireplaces are easy to install. Napoleon's fireplace offers endless designs that suit any design for decoration purposes. Napoleon fireplaces are meant to provide a lifetime service to the customers. Whether you target contemporary designs, solutions for different spaces, or a different feel inside the hose, Napoleon has other fireplaces that fit your preferences, needs, and budget. Napoleon fireplaces add splendor and beauty to the room. They offer comfort at all times. Napoleon aims at upgrading their fire places and the following are the best Napoleon fireplaces you can consider in 2022 and 2023

Napoleaon Clearion 50’’ and 60’’ Fireplace

Napoleon clearion 50’’ is 47 cm high,127 cm long and 20.30 cm deep.It is propelled by electricity and has a BTU of 10000 .on the other hand, the Napoleon clearion 60 is 52.70 cm high,152.40 cm long, and 23.50 cm deep they are both fueled by electricity and have a BTU of 10000. The two fireplaces have a two-year warranty. The clearion 50’’ is an electric fireplace that you can see through. It .it is the first fireplace that allows you to check the inside components without dismantling them. The Napoleon Clarion 50’’ has two remotes making it possible to control it in different spaces. The fireplace allows the fireplace to heat different spaces at the ‘ same time. Different rooms can be heated at different rates with one napoleon clearion 50’’.This fireplace has a privacy mode that allows it to change its level of transparency. A Napolean clearion 55’’ can be customized to meet a certain style to fit the customer’s taste.Accessories like amber bed styles, which grow luxuriously, can be added to the Napoleon clearion 50’’ to customize the fireplace.

Napoleon Vector 62’’ Fireplace

Napoleon's vector 62'' fireplace offers a lifetime warranty to its customers. It is a linear fireplace having various media options. Napoleon's vector 62'' has a BTU of 42000. This fireplace is run by natural gas. The Napoleon vector 62'' can be remotely controlled using the entire app, making it easy to control the Vector from a distance. The fireplace is in nstalled with MIRRO-FLAME porcelain radiant panels, which are reflective. Create a custom look using Napoleon’s accessories. Use LeD light systems to add a gentle glow to the space. When not using the fireplace for heat. Napoleon's vector 62’’ fireplace is sleek and offers diverse design options. The flames\'s radiant glow shines through the ember bed, giving a luxurious feel. When installing the fireplace, a divinity flame pattern consisting of high peaks and valleys can be added by the person installing it.

Napoleon Luxuria 62 Fireplace

Napoleon’s luxuria 62 is perfect for homeowners, re-modelers, and custom builders. It is a linear gas fireplace. It is 104.60 cm high,206.50cm long, and 43.70 cm deep. It gets fuel from natural gas and propane and has a BTU of 44000. the best thing about it is that its warranty lasts for a lifetime. There is no need to add blowers and power vent systems. The Napoleon Luxuria 62 offers the customer a clear view of the fire and is safe to use without a safety screen. The glass guard and powerful heat control system allow its usage in two different rooms simultaneously. Different installation abilities allow for aesthetic display on top of the fireplace. The Napoleon Luxuria 62 can use an electronic or a work of art in the exhibition. Combustible materials that burn in the Napoleon Luxuria 62’’ are always put through the opening. There are no limits when installing Luxuria. Nickelstix, beach fire media kits, various colors of glass amber Media, glass beads, and mineral rok kits can be excellent options to add style to the fireplace. The good news is that the Napoleon Luxuria 62’’ can be controlled remotely by using a fire app. The eFire app allows setting the mood with different colors of LED amber bed.

Napoleon Alluravision 74 Fireplace

The addition of this visually striking fireplace is perfect for small, large spaces. This Napoleon's Alluravision 74 is an electric linear fireplace with a depth of 10.80 cm,194.90 cm in width, and 43.20 cm high. It comes with a two-year warranty and a BTU of 9000. the Napoleon Alluravision 74 is easy t plug. The owner of the fireplace can hang it on the wall. It has an automatic power system and is switched on immediately using a multi-function remote control. It is transparent; thus, the fireplace is visible. It is frameless, giving it an ultra-modern look. Its functionality is top-notch. It has five flame speeds and four flame brightness, giving a different atmosphere to yor room. This fireplace can be hardwired directly or plugged in. The Napoleon Alluravision 74 allows you to choose frame colors according to your taste.


Napoleon is a celebrated brand in the market .it is popular for its excellent customer service and production of unique and quality products. The listed Napoleon fireplaces are top-notch and bring elegance to your room. Get cozy with Napoleon's stylish fireplaces that allow you to control the rate of heat in your space. The latest Napoleon fireplaces can be used in two different rooms at the same time. The fireplaces offer long-term service and come with a good warranty. The owners use them for heat and decoration purposes. According to your preferred taste, you can add accessories to the fireplace. get one of the best Napoleon fireplaces to make sure you don't miss out on these unique feature.

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