3 Best Primo Grills for 2022-2023 - MyFireDirect.com

Best Primo Grills for 2022-2023 - MyFireDirect.com

There are very few things in life that surpass the beautiful feeling of a classic cookout with the friends and family. Primo's Gas Grills are known for their unique design and ability to offer a truly powerful grilling experience. The question is, "which one is right for you?". Well, in this review, hopefully by the end you'll have a better idea of which Primo Grill will best fit your needs. Primo grills are manufactured in Tucker, Georgia, USA. As we know know, this is the only grill brand producing ceramic grills in the United States.

1.Primo Grill - Oval XL w/ 400 sq/in Expandable Cooking Surface Black PRM778, PG00778

Main Point: The Oval XL 400 lives in grill folklore as one of the most in demand grills from Primo. One of the reasons for that is its unique patented oval design. The design itself is not just for aesthetic appeal, but allows for simultaneous direct and indirect cooking. In other words, two types of cooking zones exist in one. So, the best way to imagine this is like having an grill and and your classic oven in one. Primo Oval XL 400 owners can cook down to 150°F in the purpose of smoking meats while capable of turning the grill up to temperatures as high as 850°F (for hours). There is an optional rack system so you can store your accessories as well as a stainless steel draft door. The grill is vented through a cast iron top vent and also comes with reversible cooking grates. The Oval XL 400 comes with a lifetime warranty supported with a 20, yes, 20 year guarantee on all ceramic parts. 

2.Primo Grill - Oval Junior w/ 210 sq/in Expandable Cooking Surface Black PRM774, PG00774

Main Point: The oval Junior 210 is Primo's smallest grill. With 210 square inches of cooking space, it is almost half the size that of the oval 400xl, however, the cooking surface on the Primo Oval junior 210 can be expanded up to 360 sq. in. with the purchase of an additional rack. From the there the features aren't much different which is great if you don't want to spend $1499, or $2000 for your grilling needs. We get it. Some prefer a better price without sacrificing quality. Also, most importantly, if you don't need 400 sq. in. of grilling space, then the Oval 210 Ceramic Grill serves as a more budget friendly solution. The oval junior weighs 95s and comes with the patented Primo sleek black glazed exterior.

3.Primo Kamado Grill w/ Ash Tool & Grill Lifter PRM771, PG00771

The Primo Kamodo Grill has an exterior width of 22 inches and a grilling surfces of 280 square inches, so if the oval 200XL doesn't supply enough space for you then the Kamodo grill is a great alternative. The total dimensions of the grill are 21.5 widtch, 29.75 height, and 21.5 depth. With the ash tool and grill lifter, the total weight of the grill is 150lbs. The easy to read thermometer is convenient for knowing exactly where your temperatures are, so you can get the desired grill on whatever you're cooking. It takes about 15 minutes for your desired temperature to reached and ready to start grilling, so there is definitely a convenience of speed & readiness appeal. Like other primo grills, the glazed finish allows for a water resistant grill that is capable of withstanding even the most extreme weather.

In Closing

Primo Grills are created from a proprietary blend of raw natural materials. The materials used in their grills allow for the superior heat and moistoure retention they are most known for. This is why Primo proudly boasts a superior ceramic grills manufactured right in the USA. 

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