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MyFireDirect - Best Blaze Grills Review - 2022-2023

Summer 2022 is approaching and it is sure to be a special one indeed. People will be walking outside, enjoying the weather and of course...whipping open the grill for a barbecue cookout. If you are in the market for a new grill and/or a grill enthusiast in general, then this review is for you.

Finding a grill that can both suit your needs, but at the same time, be durable and long lasting for years to come can be tricky. So, in this review we've taken three factors into account to create a criteria for the best performing grills. This is based on customer feedback, total price, and long lasting capabilities.

Blaze Grills are one of the most popular and well known grill brands in the US. One thing that sets blaze apart from its competition is the focus on quality finish, which one can logically assume is an investment in user-experience. 

1. Blaze Professional Grill - 34-Inch BLZ-3PRO-LP

The Blaze 32 inch grill is a favorite amongst our customers. The BLZ-3PRO-LP  comes with three 304 stainless steel H burners for a truly fiery BBQ experience. The right flame can be easily adjusted for your grilling needs. This is because there are 18,000 BTUs of cooking power adding up to an immense total of 54,000 BTUs! 

Additionally, with the purchase of this grill, customers receive a 10,000 BTU infrared rear rotisserie burner with kit included. Customizability and flexibility of your grill should always be a priority as well. Are you cooking for a large group, or for a small? Do some prefer their  meat cooked a certain way as oppossed to others. Well, with Blaze 32 inch grill this is possible to navigate. There are unique heat zones separations that split up the cooking surface allowing for individual temperature zones.

Finally, what better way to validate your belief in a product than to offer a lifetime warranty. And yes, the  BLZ-3PRO-LP comes with a full manufacturers warranty.

So, the moment you decide to choose blaze, you have for the most part, chose a grill for life (ok overdramatic, buy you get our point).

2. Blaze Gas Grill - 4-Burner Professional Built-In Propane Gas BLZ-4PRO-LP

The next recommendation costs, a little bit more, but comes with additional fire power. The Blaze BLZ-4PRO-LP 4 Burner Grill is a step up from the Blaze 304 inch grill. Again, with what is best for YOU, depends entirely on what you hope to accomplish. So, with the Blaze 4-Burner Pro, you are getting an additional 304 cast stainless steel H burner (4 in total). The cook power per burner matches that of the Blaze 34-inch Grill, but the additional 304 H burner gives a total number of 72,000 BTUs. With the addition of an additional burner, one can experience an increased sense of freedom with cooking power. Finally, just to confirm, this BLZ-4PRO-LP comes with a lifetime warranty, so rest assured you are good for life with this investment.


3. Blaze Professional Portable Grill BLZ-1PRO-PRT-LP

Next up on our list, the it Blaze Portable BLZ-1PRO-PRT-LP. A much more budget friendly option that by no means sacrifices quality in any way, shape or form. The motto, "Take It or Leave It", the Blaze Pro Portable Grill is designed to be an exceptional grill with mobile capabilities. Whether you're at home and want to start grilling in the back yard, or out on a camping trip, the BLZ-1PRO-PRT-LP is designed to accommodate just that. Remember, all of the commercial grade components are included in this grill, so expect nothing less than commercial quality. Finally, the Portable grill uses 12,000 BTU cast stainless H burner and 12 Guage Stainless steel flame tamer to provide a balanced head at an efficient rate. If you've ever wanted that sweet looking sear mark on the food you're grilling, then this is the way. Finally, the portable grill comes with two front facing clasps for locking the lid in place for storage or when you're traveling.


4. Blaze Gas Grill - 4 Burner LTE Grill Built-In Propane Gas with Lights BLZ-4LTE2-LP


 The Blaze 4-Burner LTE Grill (BLZ-4LTE2-LP), a moderately priced grill that's cost and capabilities align quite nicely with customer needs. Why might you wonder, well despite having a lower BTU, the BLZ-4LTE2-LP comes with 4 commercial stainless steel burners, just like the 4-burner pro grill (BLZ-4PRO-LP 4). As mentioned earlier, the difference lies within the BTUs, which the the 4-Burner LTE has 14,000 BTUs of cooking power per burner adding for a total of 56,000 BTUs. This is more than enough power to achieve a professional style BBQ with beautiful grill mark for any type of meat or vegetable that touches its surface. And yes, you do get a rear rotisserie burner that comes with a 10,000 BTU infrared rear burner. With 740 sq in. of total cooking area, you could have legendary style cookouts with the family, friends and neighbors. 

With a lifetime warranty to match, the BLZ-4LTE2-LP is our most recommended grill for those who want a great grill that will last for life, but not cause them to go over the $2500 mark.

Closing Remarks

Blaze Grills are one of the most popular grill brands in the USA. If you know you want a quality grill, but don't know where to start, then we suggest you start researching about blaze.

What are your thoughts on Blaze Grills?

As always, if you have any questions, our lines are open to you via live chat, phone call (9am-5pm) and email.


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